Christmas Collection

Christmas collection Rewart detachable collars

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Why we're so awesome


Natural way of life

We care about you and the environment! We produce our high quality articles using natural materials, recyclable fabrics and cloth scraps.


Enjoy being yourself

All our products are limited edition, affordable and specially designed to make you feel comfortable, beautiful and unique.


The power in our hands

Creativity runs in our veins and productivity in our hands! Our products are elaborated in truly traditional way with a lot of effort and love.


Every detail counts

Do you want to become the best gift-giver of all time? Check out our awesome packaging. We take everything into account! (included in the price)

Nothing catches your eye? No Probem! Share your ideas with us and we'll create an amazing collar specially designed for you! CONTACT

Our Team

Supervisor, Muse, Model

Tim is responsible for ensuring that everything is under control . His strong personality is evident with no words and his unique natural beauty is an inspiration for us. Tim is the soul of the company.


Natalia takes care of all products’ design and creation. As a true Libra, she is always seeking perfection and accuracy, smartly combining her excellent taste, creativity and high sensitivity.


Zhanna is responsible for all management task, marketing and web design . After finishing a degree in Pharmacy she realized that pills are cool, but marketing is even more awesome!

To philosophize on the grass, tasty meat and bones

Sprinklers, load music, noises and high-pitched sounds

Movies about cosmos, plants enthusiast and cooking expert

When somebody is sneezing, dirty shoes, untidy rooms

New city’s spots, long conversation, tea addicted

Overcrowded city streets during Christmas time

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