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Have you ever been looking for a nice gift or a daily outfit to wear to the office? And how many times have you been disappointed in large stores? Never-ending queues, awful designs and low quality synthetic fabrics sound familiar to you?

We were thinking the same: why was it so difficult to find high-quality, hand-made and eco-friendly items without spending too much money? Moreover, how can I get a new look without filling my already full wardrobe?

The detachable collars came to our minds as an amazing solution to save space in the closet, being respectful with the environment and showing off our personality. A few months and a lot of hard work after, we made our idea to come true!

Our detachable shirt collars are totally handmade, manufactured in Madrid (Spain) from natural materials such as cotton and linen with wooden details. Eco-friendly and made with a lot of love, patience and effort. We also apply the same idea to our packages, taking into account every detail.

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Our Philosophy

Do you know that the fashion industry is the second more contaminated in the word? 60% of garments have polyester, which takes decades to biodegrade and it can be harmful for you!*

We care about you and the environment, and therefore this concern is an additional reason to produce our detachable collars in a natural way without sacrificing the deserved exclusivity. Our high-quality designs are minimalist, modern, fresh and adaptable for any kind of neck! Detachable collars can be combined with a shirt, blouse, dress or any kind of clothing.

By manufacturing from recyclable fabrics and cloth scraps, we are able to provide limited edition removable collars that perfectly matches your style, personality and neck for reasonable prices.  Only a few persons in the world will have the same model as you! Moreover, we also accept customized orders!

Rewart is a 100% family-run company and we want to make you feel part of our great team! You can always count on us! Contact us at any time or check our blog with some healthy, tasty and eco-friendly ideas.

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Our Team


Tim is responsible for ensuring that everything is under control . His strong personality is evident with no words and his unique natural beauty is an inspiration for us. Tim is the soul of the company


Natalia takes care of all products’ design and creation. As a true Libra, she is always seeking perfection and accuracy, smartly combining her excellent taste, creativity and high sensitivity.


Zhanna is responsible for all management task, marketing and web design . After finishing a degree in Pharmacy she realized that pills are cool, but marketing is even more awesome!

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