Christmas is almost here. Don’t miss the chance to get the best present ever! 🙂

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Santa Baby 2-in-1

34,95 29,95

Feel the Christmas spirit! Enjoy “Santa Baby Collar” – the most Christmas Peter Pan Collar ever!

This collar is the best accessory for the Xmas company party and family Christmas dinner. It’s also the perfect gift for your mum, little sister, second cousin Ana and everyone who wants to fall in love with the most magical time of the year.

The most unbelievable thing: it’s reversible! Two collars in one! (Save money for the next Christmas)



34,95 29,95

Dry twigs pleasantly crackle in the fire. The tart smell of the needles awakens sleepy mind. Everything seems to be immersed in a soft dream, but the distant call of an owl reminds that the forest is full of life – it talks to you, sharing its secrets. At this moment you realize that there is nothing to fear, you are a part of the fairy tale.

Put “Reindeer” collar on and follow us into the woods!


Xmas night

34,95 24,95

The spirit of Christmas is already on the streets. Don’t miss the chance and get the perfect gift: Christmas Peter Pan detachable collar!

Help your loved ones to get in the Christmas mood and please them with “Xmas Night” collar! We are sure, it will make them happy! ♥