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Dry twigs pleasantly crackle in the fire. The tart smell of the needles awakens sleepy mind. Everything seems to be immersed in a soft dream, but the distant call of an owl reminds that the forest is full of life – it talks to you, sharing its secrets. At this moment you realize that there is nothing to fear, you are a part of the fairy tale.

Put “Reindeer” collar on and follow us into the woods!

Good to know

The beauty of nature inspired us to create “Elk” Collar – a unisex collar, perfectly matched with both dark and light colored clothing. The austere design highlights the depth of the dark green color, meanwhile the reindeer details add a personal touch. It’s easily adaptable to any shirt collar.

The collar is handmade in Madrid (Spain) with a lot of love, using only natural high quality fabrics, recyclable materials and cloth scraps. Therefore, all our designs are unique! Moreover, we invented different closures that make our collars suitable for all sorts of people and all kinds of necks!

Get your masterpiece now! ♥

Psss… hey you…! I am talking to you! Don’t forget to check out our packaging! It’s amazing and included in the price!

Size “Elk” Collar:

Diameter: 13 – 15 cm (adjustable)

Point length: 9.5 cm

Base width: 5.5 cm

Composition “Elk” Collar:

Front side:

Colour: Dark green with light green elk silhouettes. 100% Cotton

Front side:

100% Cotton

Colour: Light green

Sewing thread – cotton

Additional information

Weight 30 g


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